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Searching for Pinky: An Absurdly True Quest for Motherhood & Family is absurdly gorgeous, moving, profound, funny & inspirational. Alexia Baum is a brave, honest, vulnerable, eloquent, exquisite writer who tells a story of love, hope and advocacy. I will not be surprised when it starts winning awards and appears on 'Best Of' lists. This is an exceptional memoir, and marks the arrival of an important literary voice.

- Terrie Silverman, MFA

A Story of Hope that Won’t Quit

It was during turbulence while flying home from another doomed In Vitro Fertilization cycle, syringed needle in hand, pants crumpled around her ankles, her ass, bruised purple and yellow like a desert sunset, bouncing against the 747’s bathroom wall, when Alexia realized - when contemplating motherhood, this was not what she had imagined.

Alexia was pregnant with only hope for years; she endured failed IVF cycles, ill-fated domestic adoptions, and a misguided trip to Siberia in the dead of winter.

But then, in a rustic orphanage outside Moscow, she met a sickly baby boy, and the two changed each other’s lives.  The baby’s sheer grit had powered his unlikely survival, but could his feisty spirit overcome the challenges that awaited him, or were the experts correct that he might never live a “normal” life? 

Recounted with sincerity and humor, Searching for Pinky is the story of two equally determined spirits on opposite sides of the planet finding each other and forming a family, and of one tiny orphan who refused to give up.  Searching for Pinky is a reminder that there is magic in the power of love and that Hope is like a game of Whack A Mole – you can pound it down in one place and up it pops in another. 

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